Monday, September 04, 2006

Types of Car Insurance Coverage

Car is a non separable part in our life. With so many cars out there, it is a common sense that car insurance is extremely important. In current days, there are many car insurances available. Some car insurance company will put several of these car insurances into one, and separate them in the term of coverage. Some car insurance companies will take one of them and provide specialized car insurance. These include liability insurance, medical insurance, uninsured coverage, underinsured coverage, collision insurance, comprehensive coverage, glass replacement insurance, towing insurance, and many others. Now let’s see the common car insurance types.

Liability coverage in car insurance

Liability insurance coverage is very important for you to have. It is so important that all drivers must have this kind of coverage. Thus, this is the very reason car insurance exist in the first place. Liability insurance will protect injured body and broken property. Pay attention though that some car insurance companies will separate bodily injured coverage with property coverage. You need to cross check with your car insurance company about this matter.

Medical coverage in car insurance

Medical insurance is also another important part for you to have. This insurance will cover any medical expenses you have in case of an accident. You must also pay attention that some car insurance companies will not offer disability coverage and suffering coverage. Again, you need to cross check with your car insurance company about this matter.

Underinsured and uninsured coverage in car insurance

Underinsured and uninsured coverage is another important coverage that you need to consider. This kind of coverage will cover any of your or your passenger’s costs in an accident if the other party’s car insurance is not enough to cover your costs or if the other party does not have car insurance.

Collision coverage in car insurance

Collision insurance will cover any expenses your vehicle has that may affect the book value of your car in case of a collision. Comprehensive insurance will cover any expenses your vehicle has that are caused by vandalism, natural disaster, theft, or other kind of damages.

Other coverage is available in some car insurance companies. This includes glass replacement, towing, and many others. This kind of coverage is not very popular, may be different from one car insurance company to the other, and sometimes are charged quite costly. What you have to do next is to do your own due diligent.

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